Neuwaukum Industries Inc. Answers the Call for Safer Work Zones
Innovative Peripheral Vision System™ Puts Safety in the Hands of Workers
Seattle, Washington —October 23, 2009 —Neuwaukum Industries Inc. (NII) is answering the call to action for safer construction zones by the Labor Department, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and U.S. Rep. George Miller of California. NII is providing DOTs, construction companies and municipalities with an innovative product for runover/backover prevention to create a safer work environment.

NII’s innovation, the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System™, attaches to hard hats and increases peripheral vision up to 180º without blocking the wearer’s forward vision. It gives workers an active means to protect themselves by exposing the unseen and unheard hazards around and behind them. “We need a way to put safety in the hands of the person in danger and Goblin® does that”, said Donn Bauer Jr., C.E.O of NII, “Not one more person should die being run over by traffic or equipment in a construction zone.”

There are over a hundred deaths and more than 20,000 injuries in construction every year1. Among the dangerous conditions construction workers face OSHA categorizes “struck-by” as one of the Top Four Construction Hazards2. What that means is construction workers are frequently being runover and backed over by traffic and equipment.

Fortunately, state legislatures have recognized the seriousness of this problem and several states, such as Washington, California, Nevada and Virginia, are taking steps to improve runover/backover prevention. In the state of Washington, legislation was passed which states “…methods that may be used to adequately warn or protect flaggers:
– Mount a mirror on the flagger's hard hat.
– Use an observer.
– Use ‘jersey’ barriers.”3

“Admitting there is a problem is the first step, we’ve done that…now let’s take action. We can implement regulations and talk about ways to protect workers until we have exhausted the subject. What we really need is to put the tools in the hands of the workers to protect themselves” said Donn Bauer Jr.

Press Contact:
Kelly Bauer
Neuwaukum Industries, Inc.

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2. OSHA quick card 3216-6N-06
“At Neuwaukum Industries Inc., our collective mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and improve job safety by providing innovative products that meet the demands of today’s work place.”
Donn Bauer Jr., Founder, Neuwaukum Industries Inc. (NII)

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