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As part of our continued commitment to worker safety, Neuwaukum Industries Inc. (NII) lowered the price of the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System.

Join the many DOTs, contractors, and unions who are already protecting their workers from backover hazards with the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System. As the spring work season is upon us be sure your workers are protected with the latest innovation in work zone safety.

With a great new price and ANSI A10.47 recognizing hard hat mirrors as a best practice there is no reason not to try the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System™ today.

If you are reading this newsletter chances are you know someone who has been involved in a work zone accident. In our industry they are all too common. That’s why the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System exists. Every man and woman who puts their lives on the line for the infrastructure of our country deserves to go home safely to their family and friends. We want everyone to know the seriousness of runover/backover accidents and that’s why NII participates in the National Work Zone Awareness Week every year. Go Orange!

National Work Zone Awareness Week events are scheduled for April 19 – 23rd all across the nation but the truth is we should all be aware of the dangers workers face in work zones all the time. What can you do to raise awareness and keep workers safe? As an employer: keep your workers safe...provide them with the necessary safety gear , training and safe work zones. As a worker: be in charge of your own safety and stay alert.

Have you lost a loved one or were you injured in a work zone? Tell us your story ...so we can tell the world and put a stop to work zone accidents.

Vehicles crashing into work zones are not the only dangers workers have to face. There are large pieces of equipment and machinery operating within work zones that are often the cause of injuries and fatalities . With all of the loud noise and movement inside a work zone workers really need eyes in the back of their head so nothing can sneak up on them.

The new ANSI A10.47 Standard addresses this safety hazard in section 5.2.2 and 6.1.1. Both sections talk about mounting mirrors on the worker’s hard hat as one of three options that shall be used to give the worker “adequate warning of approaching traffic or equipment”. To find out more click here or call 360.825.1505.


National Safety Inc.,

Based out of Kent, WA since January 1995. National Safety Inc. can supply you with all the safety related items, safety supplies and personal protective equipment you need, including the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System.

Contact them to learn more about the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System

800.213.7092 or email them at custserv@nationalsafetyinc.com

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