Neuwaukum Industries Inc. (NII) is proud to exhibit at World of Asphalt 2010 in Cincinnati, OH on Feb. 16-18th.

The Goblin® Peripheral Vision System draws a huge crowd at the show and last year the NII booth was featured in the NY Times. It was at this show in 2009 where "The Goblin® Effect" was coined. Other vendors were in disbelief at how many people were constantly gathered around the booth and called it "The Goblin® Effect".

Maximize your time at the show by scheduling a private appointment with NII in advance. Contact us at 360.825.1505 or email us. We would love to see you there. This year Donn Bauer will be speaking to the press from booth 1629 on both Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm. Come experience the "The Goblin® Effect" for yourself!

We are excited to announce there is a new version of the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System on the way. Many of our customers have requested a Peripheral Vision System for their baseball hats. Some job sites don't require a hard hat, but workers wearing baseball hats are still exposed to runover/backover hazards.

We will unveil the prototype of the Goblin® Soft Hat Peripheral Vision System at the World of Asphalt show. For more information, or to be put on the list of interested buyers, please contact us at 360.825.1505 or send us an email.

Effective February 24, 2010, the ASSE announced the approval of a new ANSI standard to create safer work zones for highway construction. In a press release dated Jan. 5, 2010 the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) detailed the approval of the standard and their hopes of protecting workers.

NII was pleased to see parts of the standard address the serious issue of runover/backover prevention with methods to ensure workers are protected, including:

section 5.2.2 "mount mirrors on the flagger's hard hat" and
section 6.1.1 "other assistive devices, e.g., mirrors mounted on the worker's hard hat".

For information on the new ANSI/ASSE A10.47 standard or to purchase a copy, please contact Tim Fisher at

Daniel A. Rodeno & Associates, LLC.

Founded in 1994, they are the premier safety manufacturer's representative covering the areas of MI, OH, KY, IN, WV and Western PA. We are excited to partner with them because of their passion for safety and track record for exceeding customer's expectations.

Contact them to learn more about the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System at:
Main Sales Office/Cleaveland
Phone: 440.937.4051

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