It is exciting times here at Neuwaukum Industries Inc.! With a new name, logo, and website we are proud to bring you the GOBLIN® Peripheral Vision System™. We are now offering the GOBLIN® in three colors: White, Safety Orange and Graphite Grey. Contact your local sales rep for availability and pricing.
Who’s Wearing Them?
Currently, independent construction companies, DOTs, union workers, utilities crews, and city/county workers are just a few of the people wearing the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System™. Check out the new Flagger Safety Video created by Evergreen Safety Council and Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust Fund to see Goblin® in action.
Customer Highlight: After testing with twelve different crews (approximately a hundred people), including flaggers, construction inspectors, asphalt rakers, maintenance crews and other workers, Utah DOT had great success with our product. Utah used a unique introductory approach: when testing them with a crew, they made EVERY MEMBER of that crew wear them. This was important because no one person on a test crew felt singled out or "different" from any other crew member. You are welcome to contact Utah DOT's Maintenance Methods Engineer Lynn Bernhard at 801.243.9624 with any questions regarding training, implementation or use of the GOBLIN® Peripheral Vision System™.

Who’s Selling Them?
We want to welcome our new National Sales Director, Nick Gorton, to the team. With his MBA and prior experience in growing sales exponentially, he brings immeasurable value to our team. Currently Nick is hiring independent sales reps for our distribution chain. If you are excited about the GOBLIN® Peripheral Vision System™ and would like to be added to our team, please contact Nick at 360.825.1505 or For a list of current distributors email


“The North American Association of Transportation Safety and Health Officials (NAATSHO) Annual Business Meeting promotes and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the occupational safety and health programs designed for the United States, Canadian and Mexican Highway and/or Transportation Departments.”
This year our
CEO, Donn Bauer Jr., was invited to share his product and his vision for runover/backover prevention at the 42nd annual business meeting. “I was awed by the dedication of NAATSHO and their efforts to continually improve safety. We will continue to support them and look forward to participating in their annual meeting.” -Donn Bauer Jr., CEO

Neuwaukum Industries Inc. (NII)
NII is made up of a group of experts who all have one major thing in common: Saving Lives! Each month we will introduce you to one of our employees, board members, investors, vendors, customers or affiliates. We love supporting the people who support us!

This month we are pleased to introduce you to: Robin Smith of Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust Fund.
As an instructor for Northwest Laborers Robin lives, breathes and teaches safety in the work zone. She is no stranger to losing friends who weren’t properly protected while working and has become one of our biggest advocates. She writes: “I am SO excited to get this product out to all the people I know(students as well as friends, co-workers, family, etc.). As I told you, 3 people I know have been killed on the job from some kind of equipment approaching them from behind.”
We can’t thank Robin enough for all the hard work she does to protect and save lives and for her incredible support. You can contact her at or 360.297.3035. We also want to congratulate her on her son’s recent marriage.

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