Upcoming Events

August 5, 2010
Safe Summer Vendor Fair & BBQ

Come see our booth at:

Safe Summer Vendor Fair & BBQ

Thursday Aug 5th at 11:30

1200 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA

SW Corner Parking Lot

May 6, 2010
Construction Safety Day @ Puyallup Fairgrounds

Come see us in booth 109 and experience the Goblin® Effect!

April 22, 2010
2010 Worker Memorial Event - Olympia, WA

We will honor the victims and families of victims who have been injured or lost their lives in a work zone accident.

Feb 16-18, 2010
World of Asphalt 2010

Come join us at WOA in Cincinnati, OH at booth 1629 for a demonstration of our Peripheral Vision System™ and experience the "Goblin® Effect" for yourself! Also, for the first time, we will publicly unveil the NEW soft hat (baseball cap) version. If you would like our full attention at the show we are currently scheduling appoinments. Please contact us at 360.825.1505 to secure a time slot.




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Work Zone Safety (Part One)
Work Zone Safety (Part Two)
Goblin Run Over Test (One)
Goblin Run Over Test (Two)
Goblin Run Over Test (Three)
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Newsletter 7.21.10
Work Zone Safety - Backover Prevention
Newsletter 4.13.10
National Work Zone Awareness Week 2010
Goblin Newsletter 2.9.2010
Peripheral Vision System - Work Zone Safety - February 2010
Press Release
Neuwaukum Industries Inc. Answers the Call for Safer Work Zones
Newsletter 11.17.09
Peripheral Vision System - Work Zone Safety
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Go Orange!
WSDOT in Olympia April 23


Press Release 2.10.10
Goblin Meets New ANSI A10.47 Standard
Press Release
Goblin®2008 Announcement
Goblin® Installation Instructions
Proper Installation and set-up of the Goblin® PVS™
Goblin® Functional Test Sequence
Setting up a functional test sequence with the Goblin® PVS™
From Hard Hat Mirrors to Peripheral Vision System
Evidence suggests that companies that implement effective safety and health can expect reductions of 20% or greater
NAATSHO Slide Show
Slide show from the 2009 NAATSHO
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“At Neuwaukum Industries Inc., our collective mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and improve job safety by providing innovative products that meet the demands of today’s work place.”
Donn Bauer Jr., Founder, Neuwaukum Industries Inc. (NII)

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