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Why do I need to wear the GOBLIN® Peripheral Vision System™?
The leading cause of worker fatalities in work zones is the runover/backover accident. -workzonesafety.org. Over half of work zone fatalities involve workers on foot who are killed by construction vehicles moving in reverse. No one should die being runover/backed-over, especially at 5 mph or less, but it happens all the time.

Does GOBLIN® Fit on My Hard Hat if I Wear it Backwards?
No, and we don't recommend this practice while you're working on a job site. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published a standard interpretation and compliance letter dated July 22, 1992 that states:

“ANSI only tests and certifies hard hats to be worn with the bill forword, hard hats worn with the bill to the rear would not be considered reliable protection and would not meet the requirement of 29 CFR 1926.100 (a) and (b) unless the hard hat manufacturer certifies that this practice meets ANSI Z89.1 requirements.” If your hard hat is to be worn backward, have verification and instructions from the hard hat manufacturer on whether your hard hat model has been tested and found to be compliant when worn backward.

How Does the Included Storage System Work?
In every Goblin® Peripheral Vision System™ package there are two large square hook & loop pieces and two small round hook & loop pieces. The large squares fit inside your hard hat on the right and left sides. The two small round pieces fit on the flat side of each Goblin® clip. When you are done wearing your hard hat simply remove the mirrors from your brim and attach them to the inside of your hat with the hook & loop pieces. See picture below.

Is the Goblin® Peripheral Vision System™ available in other colors?
Yes, the mirrors are available in:

Ordering time and pricing may vary. See your distributor for details.


Will the GOBLIN® Peripheral Vision System™ fit on a safari style hard hat?
Yes, the universal clip was designed to work on most hard hats, including the safari style. To ensure proper placement follow the instructions. Make sure each clip is oriented to the direction of the bead on your hard hat and the Goblin® clips are spaced your hand width apart from each other on the hat.

Does the Peripheral Vision System™ work like the rear view mirrors on my car?
No, Goblin® mirrors are designed to expand your peripheral vision, while rear view mirrors on a car are designed to see (in detail) behind you. Once you attach the Peripheral Vision System™ to your hard hat (and adjust properly) you shouldn’t spend any time looking in the mirrors. The Peripheral Vision System™ alerts you to movement from behind in the same way your natural peripheral vision would alert you to movement on your right or left.

Do the Goblin® mirrors work at night?
Yes, the gold tinted mirrors increase contrast and reduce glare. These factors make it possible to use Goblin® mirrors during the night, day, sunset and sunrise.

What is the difference between a hard hat mirror and a peripheral vision system™?
Download "From Hard Hat Mirrors to Peripheral Vision System™" PDF below

How do I get the GOBLIN® Peripheral Vision System™?
Contact your local safety distributor for prices and ordering or contact us directly at: 360-825-1505

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Learn how GOBLIN® works or contact us for more information.

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