ANSI A10.47 Standard

Are You in Compliance?
ANSI A10.47 Standard
The Goblin® Peripheral Vision System
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1.2 Purpose. Establishes the minimum requirements for the construction and maintenance of public and private highways and roads to achieve the following objectives:
1. Prevent worker injuries and illnesses resulting from working in work zones.
2. Establish safe work practices in highway work zones.
3. Prevent vehicular crashes in highway work zones.

5.2.2 If it is not possible to position flaggers so they are not exposed to traffic or work vehicles/equipment, a method to ensure flaggers have adequate visual warning of traffic or equipment approaching from behind or from blind spots shall be used. The following are optional examples of methods that may be used to warn or protect flaggers in order of preference: (1)Jersey barriers; (2) Spotter(s); (3) Other visual assistive devices, e.g., mount mirrors on the flagger’s hard hat.

6.1.1 If workers are exposed to traffic or work vehicles/equipment, one or more methods to ensure that they are protected or have adequate warning of approaching traffic or equipment shall be used. The following are appropriate methods and should be used in order as site and work conditions dictate: (1) Jersey barriers; (2) spotter(s); (3) other assistive devices, e.g., mirrors mounted on the worker’s hard hat. Note: Some site conditions may merit the combination of controls to adequately protect workers.


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